Behind the insights

iSpani is a decentralised marketing. sales platform and software tool that connects brands and assists them to expand their reach within the respective community in which the brand activator lives
Important decision making and data analytics are enabled by iSpani’s unique business intelligence and market research models — iSpani integrates formal retail patterns and trends with informal consumer insights and behaviours, gleaned from emerging sectors, providing partners with access to important, underutilized information, which reflects the reality of the African market

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iSpani believes data is a driving force for development and economic transformation in Africa. iSpani envisions young people playing an active role in leveraging data to foster impact innovation. Their vision is to use successful direct sales and distribution models to empower unemployed youth with the skills and resources to become micro entrepreneurs, allowing them to support themselves, care for their families and boost their communities and help in the creation of millions of new businesses built by young Africans and fuel the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs that help tackle Africa’s problems
iSpani has collected comprehensive retail information and market research for leading multinational companies, brands, businesses and organizations over the years

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