It all starts with understanding

The challenge facing brand and businesses is that they lack data and real actionable insights into this large and traditionally untapped market ⁠— iSpani aims to change this convention 

Data collection

Through our mobile app iSpani creates and manages rich channels into the informal market, namely through tailor-made surveys, that can collect data in remote areas usually without internet access. These surveys can be pushed through our agents on the ground and feedback and data can be obtained in real-time. Data insights are typically provided for our clients within the FMCG, financial services and information technology sectors seeking to understand informal markets and consumer behavior patterns.

What makes iSpani’s process unique is that their focus is on why consumers, communities and individuals behave in a certain way and understanding what informs that. For this iSpani has designed unique consumer behaviour models internal in tune with our business intelligence which they utilize to give our clients an added advantage when it comes to understanding this market better. 

  • Market research and surveys
  • Retail audits
  • Data verification
  • Focus groups
  • Mobile field research
  • Interviews
  • Ethnographic research

Data access

Important decision making and data analytics are enabled by iSpani’s unique business intelligence and market research models — iSpani integrates formal retail patterns and trends with informal consumer insights and behaviours, gleaned from emerging sectors, providing partners with access to important, underutilized information, which reflects the reality of the African market

Our network

Through iSpani, you get access to their field agent network, as well as over 15034 informal traders, in all major South African townships, through which we track real-time engagements and glean feedback on the ground. Majority of our informal traders are spaza shops, which iSpani utilizes to collect data, distribute micro-insurance and provide other financial products.

iSpani also engages with hair salons and barber shops to collect data, distribute micro-insurance and provide other financial products. iSpani conducts consumer research, draw insights and streamline product distribution and education to decision makers, primarily mothers, who spend hours at salons
iSpani has collected comprehensive retail information and market research for leading multinational companies, brands, businesses and organizations over the years

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