Creating opportunities

iSpani’s mobile and web-based platforms provides on-demand micro-jobbing opportunities for young people in informal markets

Rewarding hard work

iSpani has multiple micro-jobbing tiers for our their youth agent network, with potential earnings totalling up to 10 000 ZAR per month. These tiers not only result in larger monthly revenue streams, but also in greater and more sophisticated micro-jobbing tasks, such as on the ground support, last mile distribution and direct selling.

Good for you, good for everyone

All in all iSpani’s business model feeds into the best practice for both sustainable development goals and sustainable social impact. For members of the community this leads to greater socio-emotional competence, improved skills and a greater level of education, increased employability and new enterprise opportunities. For the community itself, it sees a reduction in unemployment, an increase in the  average household income, improved community health and  school attendance and performance, as well as lowered crime and violence levels

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