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Biggest Climate Change study in Africa focused on Youth

We supported the South African national government's efforts regarding climate change coordination and a just transition by surfacing youth opinions and identifying ways to address gaps from a youth lens.

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Elevating decision-making with actionable and accurate market insights

Uncovering valuable insights and trends through in-depth market research analysis and data interpretation. Driving informed business decisions with expertly crafted recommendations and strategies.

Financial Services

iSpani offers market insights services focused on the informal sector, aimed at driving strategic market penetration. By providing an in-depth analysis of influencer businesses, we offer valuable insights into the pressing demand for financial payment solutions within the sector.

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Fashion Retail

iSpani partners with retail organizations to deliver thorough retail audits, providing valuable insights for informed expansion and sales strategies. These audits enhance customer acquisition efforts, inform store analysis, and shed light on underlying consumer motivations. 

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Spani partners with leading global and local FMCG players to commission research projects and provide a comprehensive assessment of both the viability and impact of consumer-facing products and goods. By leveraging these partnerships, we offer lasting and immediate insights, ensuring informed decision-making for their clients.

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iSpani leverages market feasibility studies and deep insights into the African energy market to de-risk investment opportunities, providing invaluable support to brands in both traditional and alternative energy sectors. By expertly managing and facilitating market analysis, we enable organizations to expand into the African market and successfully meet the needs and concerns of consumers.

Energy Efficiency Consultation


iSpani partners with insurance brands and businesses to conduct market research, unlocking insights into consumer behavior and driving the creation of innovative offerings. Through a deep understanding of the market, we empower our clients to deliver better products and services to meet the evolving needs of customers. 

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Sales as a Services

iSpani collaborates with Sales as a Service (SaaS) businesses to develop and evaluate emerging sales efficiency approaches. Through this partnership, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the extent and nature of the informal economy, identifying the key factors associated with informality within the sector.

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Social Impact

iSpani partners with corporates, multinationals, and brands to cultivate future technology leaders from challenging environments. By providing skill development and knowledge transfer, we facilitate the advancement of a positive social change agenda and empower youth to drive impact in their communities.

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iSpani collaborates with top global development organizations, local NGOs, and tech companies to address the issue of food insecurity during COVID-19 lockdowns. By leveraging technology, We delivered food vouchers and empowered young people as distributors, bringing vital aid to local communities and making a lasting impact.

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